Mac Admins Podcast: E370 - Managed Device Attestation

Mac Admins Podcast

It was an absolute pleasure to sit down with the crew this week for an episode of the Mac Admins Podcast where we discussed the current state and future possibilities of Managed Device Attestation on Apple platforms.

Our robust chat covered attestation fundamentals, Secure Enclave primitives, MDA workflow and deployment model considerations as well as some really interesting discussions around the future of the technology.

If you are involved in managing or securing Apple devices at scale, I think it's a worthwhile listen on a topic that will become increasingly important as MDM and identity & trust providers start to integrate this technology at the heart of our tooling.

Episode 370: Jedda Wignall on Managed Device Attestation
Trust is a subject we regularly discuss with our guests. How do we trust our users, how do we trust the software they want to run, how do we trust the devices they are on. In the modern world where…
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