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Pause & Resume iTunes Downloads with AppleScript

This morning, a Ration user on Twitter commented that it would be cool to script iTunes downloads so that large files could be scheduled for download during off-peak data periods, just like the “Download Apple Software Updates” action already functions.

Scouring through the net and the iTunes AppleScript dictionary, I couldn’t find a way to specifically tell iTunes to pause or resume downloads. As a slightly hacky (but still completely functional) alternative, I cooked up this GUI-scripting AppleScript that should do the trick for most people with some modifications.

Users of Ration can team this with the “Run AppleScript” action to have their downloads resume during off-peak. I can’t think of any clean way to automatically pause all downloads in iTunes on addition, except to pause them as soon as they start.

Eventually, I may clean this up, and include it in Ration as a proper action, but for now, enjoy:

Script on GitHub:gist