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Using Pushover to push Nagios notifications

With the recent outages in Boxcar‘s service, I have had to move to a more reliable push notification platform. Pushover seems to fit the bill perfectly, and whilst it is currently mobile device only (iOS and Android clients), their FAQ states their plans for a Mac client with notification center integration.

I have added a script to my OSX-Monitoring-Tools project to send a notification to your Pushover account that should be easy to integrate into your existing Nagios workflow.

notify_by_pushover.sh on GitHub


Using Boxcar to push Nagios notifications

A Boxcar notification on Mac OS X.

Added to my Mac OS X Monitoring Tools repository today is a script push a Nagios notification through Boxcar. Whilst not technically limited to Mac OS X, it provides a great way to get real time notifications on your Mac and iPhone.

I use Boxcar as my central notification service on both Mac and iOS, and have it set up to let me know about my Mint instances, forwards from Growl, and now notifications from our Groundwork server.

The script itself is very self explanatory, simply making a curl call to Boxcar’s API with the passed arguments. It does however, make it very easy to integrate a Boxcar notification to your existing Nagios workflow.

As per the script’s comments, you will need to subscribe to a generic provider in order to have your notification passed to your account, and a command to do so is included.

notify_by_boxcar.sh on GitHub