Mac OS X Monitoring Tools

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A collection of scripts and tools to assist in monitoring Mac OS X and essential services with Nagios.


Some of the features of these scripts include:

  • Checking the currency of backups with Time Machine, CrashPlan, and Carbon Copy Cloner
  • Checking memory utilization on Mac OS X
  • Checking the health of Open Directory masters and replicas on Mac OS X Server
  • Checking Open Directory binding & authentication
  • Checking the status of tasks scheduled or executed by launchd
  • Checking certificate expiry on Mac OS X Server
  • Checking Kerio Connect statistics & performance data
  • Native (no perl, no python) file age check
  • & more!

These scripts and tools were specifically designed to be dependency free, so in the case of all but one or two, they will run on a stock Mac OS X client/server system from 10.4+ onwards. Most of them are pure BASH, with a few Obj-C exceptions that will need to be compiled prior to use.

Support & Feedback:

The project’s Issues Tracker is the best place to let me know of any specific issues or bugs that you find. I am more than happy to chat about ideas on integrating these scripts into your environment – feel free to send me an email (, or contact me with iMessage or AIM (


This is free and unencumbered software released into the public domain – see LICENSE (